Saturday, February 7, 2009

Joy In My World

Carly has done it again and challenged us with Joy: what makes your heart happy?

Our Wedding Day

Our Girls

Fly fishing with my big brother

Sea Kayaking
Making music with T

My latest passion

Family History


  1. Definitely looks like a joyful life, and the photos are great. I especially like the music one. Thanks for playing along with the Round Robin Photo Challenges!

  2. That's what I'm talkin' about! Lovely post. Karen loves the music one!! :o) Me too. I love 'em all!!!


  3. I'd say you have a lot of joy in life, I enjoyed your photographs.


  4. Hi Gwenlyn :)

    I really smiled when I looked at your lovely photos today. Your wedding photo illustrates such beauty and radiance, you two are wonderful together! The one of your girls is especially striking, with the lighting and the focus. And the family photo and the music photos are simply timeless. So much joy to fill the heart of those in the moment that the observer lucky enough to come across it. Wonderful entry.

    Always, Carly :)

    Oooh... but ooops... I can't take credit for this assignment, Karen chose it from the suggestion pool for the Round Robin Challenges! :)

  5. I love this post! The pics are wonderful... I love how happy you look in the wedding photo and your girls are just gorgeous!

  6. Thanks, everybody for your sweet kindnesses. Yes - I have a lot that makes my heart happy! And I love sharing it with you!

  7. gwenlyn
    do you know the work of chai feldblum? in one of my many sweeps around the internet i found her work.
    here's a link

    i so want somebody to read her work so i can talk about it.
    if the link doesn't work, just google chai feldblum, check out her vita and then find the moral values project. let me know what you think.
    (i'm always assigning people work...even on non-school time. yikes!)


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