Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun with Photos

Carly prompts us with Photo Shoot #22: Rocks and Stones

Not only do I enjoy collecting them, I take pictures of them too. Here, my pal T and I are breaking in our new Nikons.


  1. I like that picture. I am curious as to how your shots of the rocks turned out!

  2. Suzanne,

    The photos weren't near as fun as the process! This one turned out nicely, however: especially the rose quartz illuminated in the white bowl.

  3. Hi Gwenlyn :)

    Tee Hee... fabulous photo! Applause, applause! Well done ladies! :)

    Always, Carly

  4. I love taking photos of the photographers at work, they really can be oblivious with the camera in hand.

  5. Hey Carly - thanks for your encouraging words!

  6. Neat! I especially like the bowl you put them in for the shoot. But where are the results? :)


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