Monday, January 5, 2009

Photo Journeys

The Columbia River Gorge

This photo was taken by Lilly White, one of several photographers whose work is a part of Wild Beauty: Photographs of the Columbia River Gorge, 1867-1957. It seems Lilly led a privileged life, including traveling with her pal, Sarah up and down the Columbia river, taking photographs as members of the Oregon Camera Club. I envy their freedom to make these excursions, but today, I expect they'd envy my digital camera.

Photography was quite an ordeal in 1904 when this picture was "made." Professionals were usually men who were insulted to find Lilly and Sarah tying their boat up along the banks of the "mighty river" which was later memorialized in Woody Guthrie's Roll On Columbia.

The Columbia River has been greatly altered by the dozen of dams built on our behalf (not to mention the lives that were altered - particularly Native Americans' who once fished for salmon at the many falls along its course). This National Scenic Byway still holds tremendous beauty and rich historical journeys.


  1. beautiful.
    i've added you to my list of blogs i love to read...i've never and will never read a Harry Potter book.

  2. Where are you, chicky-do? Missed you these past few days!

  3. Nancy - so glad I have another HP protester in my life! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Hey, Diane; I'm back! Returned to school after a three week break and had no energy to blog this week. (I know, I know; poor me. We educators hear it all the time!)

  4. That's a great old photo. It would have been neat to see that river before all of the times were put in.


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