Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photos and Phriends

What a great idea; blog about something positive each day. Check it out here: every day, one good thing

My two dear pals and I made our way through the streets of Portland (Oregon) today snapping shots with our new Nikons. It was a good thing. We are a good thing.


  1. Oh my favorite shot! i was just looking at it again. (Now it's TOO small though, the enbiggening doesn't get any bigger - try 800 - 1000 as your big number; blogspot will automatically reduce it on your page but when you click on it the size will be nice and BIG)

    Yeah, we be good.

  2. I agree about blogging or thinking positively in life. We embody and live out our thoughts that are circulating consciously and unconsciously in our minds, so I feel it is really important to pluck out and forgive the thoughts that do not give us the freedom to explore our personal passions in life. We are what we believe our selves to be.


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