Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year of Hope

1. It's over.
2. The last day of the year.
3. It went fast, then not fast enough.
4. The New Year holds hope.
5. Obama.
6. We had the audacity to vote.
7. Now we hold him accountable.
8. We'll hold ourselves accountable too.
9. Hope it works.
10. A New Year for healing.
11. Acts of hope.
12. (Can we say that word enough?)
13. I'll hold you to it.
14. And you will do the same.
15. Because it's not audacious
16. to inaugurate each other,
17. and take an oath:
18. to hold each accountable;
19. to hold each other up;
20. to hold each other.


  1. I LOVE this! It actually made me get a little weepy. In a good way :).

    PS... you really should give Harry Potter a try in 2009. He's lovely :)

  2. Oh man! I dunno; HP is a stretch for me. Convince me!


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